ALS MARINE CONSULTANTS Ltd.’s highly qualified team of naval architects, marine and mechanical engineers can undertake and successfully execute a wide variety of design projects. Its specialized in design and analysis of structures through the use of analytical methods, Rules and Standards and the Finite Element method (FEM). The engineering team studies the mechanical, wear and thermal properties of structures made by metallic (steel, aluminum, titanium, etc.), composite (Carbon fiber reinforced plastics –CFRP, Glass fiber reinforced plastics- GFRP) and textiles (e.g. aramid fiber reinforced elastomer matrices). The portfolio includes the following:

  • Ship and marine structures with metallic and composite materials
  • Structural design and analysis of ship details using FEM
  • Analysis of ship structures through CSR and real time loading (deflections and/or bending moments) on three compartment models
  • Pipeline engineering, corrosion resistance studies and prevention, effect of hydrogen environments (H2S, near neutral pH environments, offshore pipeline grids, etc.) on pipeline steels
  • Deep ocean and large sea depths structures such as pressure housings and hulls of underwater vehicles
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) or Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) composites, with advanced strength, fracture toughness, heat and cold resistant etc., for marine, underwater and offshore applications
  • Type III and IV pressure vessels for (Compressed Gas Hydrogen) hydrogen storage applications
  • Hull girder residual strength after damage (collision, grounding)