ALS Marine Consultants Ltd. is a leading service provider in marine and underwater industry. It operates through its headquarters in Cyprus and its regional subsidiaries in Greece. Established in 2011, the company offers a solid set of services ranging from ship management, marine technical investigations and consulting, conceptual structural designing of metallic and composite structures to marine operations and salvaging.

Its efforts are primary focusing in developing and acquiring expertise in innovative technologies through sustainable R&D collaborations. Since its foundation, ALS Marine Consultants Ltd. is actively participating in local and European research calls with noteworthy success.

Its people come from a variety of backgrounds. The marine staff has a long seafaring experience and is suitably qualified. On the  technical side, the marine engineers and naval architects are fully qualified with vast experience obtained over the years. The hallmark of our employees is a strong sense of service and attention to detail. The majority hold postgraduate studies (PhD, MSc, MEng) in the field of marine science and engineering. Among them there are certified Pilots and Technicians for manned submersibles, ROV supervisors, pilots and technicians. The team has participated in a wide number of scientific and technical projects.

ALS aims to provide robust and innovative services in marine, offshore and underwater industry.