• SEA DIAMOND<div class="subtitle">Wreckage Survey & Inspection</div>

On April 2007, MS Sea Diamond cruise ship ran aground on a known volcanic reef within the caldera of the Greek island of Santorini. The ship sunk after 17 hours. The wreck’s tip was 62 meters below sea level but the stern was in water up to 180 meters deep. Various plans had to be taken to prevent pollution from the oil leeks.

Type of Services/Role:

  • Structural health study of the oil tank under hydrostatic pressure with the aid of Finite Element Analysis
  • Oil quantify study in Deck 7
  • Assessment of oil leakage route
Category : Salvaging, Survey and Wreckage Inspection
Location : Santorini, Greece
Start/End : 4.2008
Budget : Confidential
Client : Confidential
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Media/Publications : Confidential
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