• ROBUST<div class="subtitle">Robotic subsea exploration technologies</div>
  • ROBUST<div class="subtitle">Robotic subsea exploration technologies</div>

The basic idea of the Robust project is to develop technologies which can be incorporated in an AUV for autonomous, rapid, able to cover large areas and cost effective sea bed mining exploration schemes. The first stage is the use of existing AUV technology in order to develop a vehicle with advanced control capabilities, such as hovering and position keeping. This vehicle will be equipped with 3D sea bed mapping and individual target identification and measurement technologies of mineral deposits of interest. Once the general 3D sea bed mapping and target identification has been performed the AUV will be also be equipped with a manipulator which will bear the LIBS probe for close scanning of the identified targets (mineral deposits). Advanced control architecture for AUV positioning and manipulator synergy will also be developed. The LIBS and laser source, technologies which have already been used onshore and at shallow waters, will be developed for 6000m operations extending the envelop of the LIBS method up to maximum operational depth.

Type of Services/Role:

  • The structural-mechanical design and manufacturing of the LIBS module and associated pressure housings
  • Umbilical cord and casing of the LIBS probe for operation up to 6000m water depth
  • Supervision of the pressure tank test performed in GEOMAR for the operation of the whole LIBS system


Category : Geological oceanography, Sea bed Mining, Robotics, Deep-sea technology, Lase Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Location :
Start/End : 12.2015/12.2019
Budget : 663.250 €
Client :
Origin of Funding : EU, HORIZON
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Partners : TWI (United Kingdom), CGG (France), LZH (Germany), GEOMAR (Germany), GRAAL TECH S.R.L (Italy), NEOLASE GMBH (Germany), ISME (Italy) and CORONIS COMPUTING S.L. (Spain)